Support DHHS through Amazon Smile and Ralphs Community Rewards

Support DHHS through Amazon Smile and Ralphs Community Rewards

Dana Hills Families and Students- We need your support. Every family that signs up for Amazon Smile and Ralphs Community Rewards helps fund needed supplies and equipment for academic projects in your student's Science, Math, Social Science and English classrooms.

If 400 families sign up for both Amazon Smile and Ralphs, the Foundation will be able to provide equipment and supplies to enhance students' learning experience.

For over two decades, the Dana Hills High School Foundation (Dolphin Force Foundation), a parent-led non-profit organization, has provided funding for high priority projects supporting the academic excellence for all students at Dana Hills High School. During the 2016-17 school year, the Foundation provided financial support for 120 classroom chrome book computers as well as grants for the Science, Math, Social Science departments and for the Homework Club totaling over $40,000. The Foundation provided equipment and supplies for your student's classroom.

We are asking all families to re- enroll in Ralph's Community Rewards this Fall, and to sign up for Amazon Smile, if you are not already.

  1. When shopping at Ralphs, consider registering your Ralphs Reward card to support DHHS Foundation (Dolphin Force 81536). This costs you nothing, but cards must be re-registered every September. In past years, over 450 families supported the Foundation (Dolphin Force) through Ralphs Community Contribution, but currently only 45 families are enrolled. This means a decline of over $10,000 in funding support annually. To enroll, either register your card on-line at, selecting Ralph’s Community Contribution Program, and choosing Enroll Now or call 800-443-4438 to enroll by telephone. Due to recent changes, the bar code method of registering is no longer available.
  1. Consider supporting the Foundation by shopping with Amazon through Amazon Smile (Dana Hills HS Dolphin Foundation Group ID 6649671). By shopping online using Amazon Smile, the Foundation will earn a percentage of your purchase amount.
  1. The Foundation urgently needs parent volunteers who can give a few hours each month to support Foundation committees and fill Board positions. Your assistance can make a big difference in ensuring the success of our Foundation. For information about volunteer opportunities, contact DHHS Foundation President, Jake Vander Zanden at

To learn more about the Dana Hills High School Foundation or make a direct donation, visit With your support, Dana Hills High School Foundation can continue to raise funds for classroom chromebooks and other needed projects that benefit the entire DHHS student body.