Submitted by lconger on Sun, 11/20/2016 - 19:19

Candace Ploskina, English Department- My students use Chromebooks regularly for the following:

  1. Access to Google Classroom for  a daily narrative of the work done in class with accompanying documents. 
  2. Google Docs used for regular assignments such as essays, study questions, and group activities.  We are nearly a paperless classroom.
  3. Students review my comments for essays digitally using Google Docs and Turn it In.
  4. Students peer review essays.
  5. Students complete research online for essays and multimedia projects.
  6. Parents have the option of being added as a “guardian” so they receive a regular email regarding class assignments. 


Molly Coghill, English Department:

My students use Chromebooks weekly to create Google documents for many assignments, ranging from essays to research documents to group presentations. They also collaborate through Google documents and Google slides for group projects. Students also conduct all of their research on Chomebooks for all assignments that require it. I use Google classroom to post assignments and announcements. Students can access School Loop to check their grades and progress. 

Ivan Hansen, English Department

A brief summary of classroom use of chromebooks:

  • Daily use of a “Class Log.” This is a Google Doc that is shared with students and parents. It shows what is due, what we’re doing each day, and what homework is.
  • Daily use of “Class Links.” These are electronic versions of all our worksheets. Absent students can see what they are missing and get a copy online.
  • Every few weeks: Online writing assignment. Students type their writing assignment on Google Docs and submit their work via Google Class.
  • Every few weeks: Links to research and reading material is provided (via Google Class).
  • Daily check of School Loop. Students encouraged to check their class(es) progress via School Loop on a daily basis and stay on top of making up any late work.
  • Daily use for online classes. I teach online Credit Recovery each day. These classes are exclusively online.