Support DHHS through Amazon Smile and Ralphs Community Rewards

Dana Hills Families and Students- We need your support. Every family that signs up for Amazon Smile and Ralphs Community Rewards helps fund needed supplies and equipment for academic projects in your student's Science, Math, Social Science and English classrooms.

If 400 families sign up for both Amazon Smile and Ralphs, the Foundation will be able to provide equipment and supplies to enhance students' learning experience.

DHHS Foundation appreciates your support!

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Thank you to the many Dolphin families who have joined the DHHS Foundation this 2017-2018 school year. The Foundation Board greatly appreciates your support at Registration and Back to School Night. Please join us for the September 14th 5 pm Foundation meeting (Special Date) to learn more about the Dana Hills High School Foundation's initiatives. Foundation Board meetings will be held in the Staff Lounge at Dana Hills High School, typically on the 1st Thursday monthly, 5 pm.  All are welcome to attend- we look forward to seeing you.

2017-2018 DHHS Foundation goals

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For over two decades, the DHHS Foundation (Dolphin Force) has supported high priority projects benefiting academic excellence for all students at Dana Hills High School. In 2017-2018,   the Foundation's goal is to provide financial support for additional classroom chrome book computers;  Science, Math, Social Science and Homework Club grants. You can help support our goal.


2017-2018 DHHS Foundation Board

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The 2017-2018 DHHS Foundation Board thanks the Dana Hills High School community for your support.

President                    Jake Vander Zanden

Vice President           Julie Minagar

Treasurer                    Ruth Fallon

Financial Secretary   Connie Norland

Secretary                     Vacant

Website                        Nick Baba

Events                          Beth Upp

Past President            Lynne Conger



Fall Registration- Stop by the DHHS Foundation table to learn more!

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Support Dana Hills High School students!

Dana Hills (Dolphin Force) Foundation is a parent–led nonprofit organization, raising funds for classroom projects benefiting all students at Dana Hills High School. 

Stop by the Foundation table at Fall Registration to learn more about our initiatives to help support academic programs at Dana Hills.  Sign up for one or more of the following programs now to help raise $$$ for Dana Hills every time you shop or dine. 

Dana Hills High School Foundation seeking parent volunteers for 2017-2018 school year

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For over twenty years, the Dana Hills High School Foundation (Dolphin Force) has provided funding for high priority projects benefiting academic excellence for all students at Dana Hills High School. During the 2016-2017 school year, the Foundation has provided financial support for 120 classroom chrome book computers as well as grants for the Science, Math, and Social Science departments and for the Homework Club totaling over $40,000.

Electronic waste collection event- Fundraiser for Dana Hills High School Saturday May 6, 2017

Submitted by lconger on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 05:01

Rescheduled to Saturday May 6, 2017. Donate your working and non-working electronics and raise funds for Dana Hills High School. Goodwill and the Dana Hills High School Foundation are hosting an electronic waste collection event in Saturday, May 6, 2017 7:30 am -2:30 pm. Thank you for your support.

November 2016 Holiday Season Fund Campaign

Submitted by lconger on Sun, 11/20/2016 - 18:54

Through your generous support, 160 chromebooks (laptop computers) have already been purchased by DHHS Foundation for classroom use this year.  Our goal is to double that number in the current school year.

In this season of giving, all students, parents, alumni, friends, faculty, staff and community are invited to make a donation to the DHHS Foundation. Every gift counts, no matter the size, and will help us reach our goal.

Make an online, tax deductible, paypal donation at